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...to keep and grow through the addition of talent, energy and resources

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Our Approach

We believe seller exit strategies and buyer deal structure should always be win-win. Mutually beneficial deals always start with a personal conversation, and we believe understanding the seller's needs is of primary importance.

We're Different

Purpose & Mission

Our mission is to bring prosperity to as many families and communities as possible through business acquisition and growth.

  • Our desire is to stand on your shoulders to achieve even** greater heights**.

  • We want to preserve your legacy, not just strip your company of its various parts.

  • We want your employees to participate at an even higher level in the growth and success of the company

  • We don't want to kick you out - You're still relevant! We invite you to participate in the future growth of the company you built.

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Company Criteria

We are looking for upper Main Street and lower Middle Market non-franchise Manufacturing and Service companies in the Aerospace, Transportation, Energy and similar sectors. These businesses will serve as platforms for scaling through both organic growth and acquisitions. We seek to acquire companies with the following criteria:

  • Adjusted EBITDA/SDE of $1M to $2M

  • Owner operated

  • Minimum 7 employees

  • In business 10+ years

  • Stable history of profitability

  • EBITDA margins of 10%+

  • Strong growth trajectory and/or potential

  • Recurring revenues

What We are Not Looking For

  • Food & Beverage

  • Retail

  • Logistics

  • Franchises

  • Startups

  • Digital Agencies

Where are you located?


We are looking to acquire small companies primarily in, but not exclusive to the following geographical areas:

  • Southern California

  • Texas

  • Arizona

  • Nevada

  • Utah

  • Colorado

  • Florida

  • Pennsylvania

  • Maryland

  • Oregon

  • New Mexico

  • Ohio

  • Indiana

Buzz Park Acquisition Areas

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We Believe...

  • We believe seller exit strategies and buyer deal structure should always be win-win.

  • We believe understanding the seller's needs is of primary importance.

  • We believe mutually beneficial deals always start with a personal conversation.

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About Us

Buzz Park - Acquisition Entrepreneur

Buzz Park
Founder & CEO

Brian K. "Buzz" Park is an Acquisition Entrepreneur with a background in Marketing looking to acquire service and manufacturing companies ($5M - $20M in top-line revenue). Buzz specializes in Marketing, Strategy, Operational Efficiency, Customer Service, Organizational Management, and Conflict Resolution.Buzz works with a powerful network of fellow investors with decades of experience in scaling companies through acquisition, marketing and operational improvement.Buzz has honed the skills needed to be a business owner and CEO over a many-faceted 35 year career. In the Navy, he lead a division of over 20 Avionics/Armament sailors keeping the Seahawk helicopters mission-ready. As a result, he learned the importance of leading by example while at the same time leveraging the expertise of the team's most experienced people.Buzz sees the world through the strategic lenses of process improvement and efficiency. He was a Total Quality Leadership Expert (TQL Train the Trainer) which was the Navy's implementation of W. Edwards Deming's Total Quality Management.Buzz gained skills in process documentation and personnel training as a flight instructor and certified Navy Master Trainer with the Sea-Based Weapons Advanced Tactical School. He helped develop multiple training courses including the Navy helicopter community's first version of the Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) course, based on the Top Gun program.Buzz learned the art of servant leadership over a 15 year period as Co-Director of a Non-Profit Children's Program with over 40 monthly volunteer staff and teachers. Additionally, he gained organizational management experience by growing a business referral network 120% in two years as president while also learning the power of business networking to develop relationships with like-minded business owners/professionals.Buzz mastered technical selling as an award-winning sales rep for Pfizer. He also cultivated his marketing skills during 15+ years as an advertising and marketing consultant to small businesses in the Los Angeles area.Buzz desired to utilize more of his skills and expertise to help companies than was practical as a consultant. Becoming an owner and CEO through acquisitions, he is now able to make a greater impact.Personal Business Mission Statement: "to bring prosperity to as many families as possible through business success and growth."

Advisory Board

Buzz Park - Acquisition Entrepreneur

Christine McKay

Christine is a Business Negotiation Strategist and the best-selling author of “Why Not Ask? A Conversation About Getting More”. She has negotiated on behalf of small and mid-sized companies in many industries and has negotiated with many of the Fortune 500. Christine resolves complex issues and works extensively in merger, acquisition, and divestiture environments. Christine is a graduate of
Harvard Business School and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Patch Baker - Acquisition Entrepreneur

Patch Baker

Patch Baker is a serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, investor, speaker, and has consulted for clients ranging from Fortune 500 clients to Veteran-owned start-ups. He helps businesses create extraordinary results and growth within their respective markets. Patch has been involved in over 100 M&A deals and currently has significant ownership in over 40 companies. He is also a Service Disabled Veteran of the USMC.

Buzz Park - Acquisition Entrepreneur

David Springer

David Springer is co-founder, Director and former CEO of FTC Solar. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing, solar and semiconductor sectors and has been involved in multiple seven, eight and nine-figure exits. David has extensive leadership experience, served as a Navy submarine officer, and was a graduate from and fellow classmate of Buzz's from the United States Naval Academy.

Buzz Park - Acquisition Entrepreneur

Advisor #4

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Our Approach

We're Different...

What do you want to leave as your legacy - is that important to you? There are many reasons why selling your company to Lightyear Management Group may be a better fit than selling to your competitors or a private equity firm.

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